Partner – Difi
difi_logoDifi – the Agency for Public Management and eGovernment – works to strengthen the government’s work in renewing the Norwegian public sector and improve the organisation and efficiency of government administration. Difi aims to develop the organisation and leadership of the public sector, with coordination among public authorities and services.
Difi is also the executing agent of a Building Integrity project in nine countries in Southeast Europe, financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The aim of the project is to identify the risks of corruption and unethical behaviour in defence sector institutions in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Romania and Serbia.
The project is based on the notion that fostering integrity and reducing corruption are important elements in building state institutions promoting democracy based on the rule of law. Extreme manifestations of corruption are incompatible with and undermine democratic systems of government. Moreover, corruption weakens the defence and security capabilities of every country and reduces trust and acceptance of the military in general. The nature of the defence sector – not least its size, its privileged access to classified information and weapons supplies and the ingrained culture of secrecy– all make the sector susceptible to administrative and political malpractices such as corruption, abuse of power and even co-optation by organised crime.
Since its inception, NATO has emphasised that the Alliance is a community of values committed to the principles of individual liberty, democracy, human rights and the rule of law. Possible new member states are expected to conform to these basic principles. The development of a programme to combat corruption in the defence sector is increasingly seen as vital to building efficient and transparent defence institutions promoting democracy and the rule of law.
The project is carried through in cooperation with CIDS, NATO International Staff and Transparency International.