The Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces – DCAF – is a Swiss foundation whose mission is to assist the international community in pursuing good governance and reform of the security sector. The Centre provides in‐country advisory support and practical assistance programmes, develops and promotes norms and standards, conducts tailored policy research, and identifies good practices and recommendations to promote democratic security sector governance.
DCAF has been involved in establishing transparency and accountability mechanisms across the security sector since 2001, with a special focus on South East Europe and the Former Soviet Union. DCAF programmes on transparency & accountability issues aim to provide stakeholders with the tools needed to ensure good practices in management of resources, procurement and policy formulation.
Since 2007 DCAF has cooperated with the NATO PfP Team and other partner organisations within the framework of NATO’s Building Integrity Programme, both in terms of capacity building and knowledge product development.
Other relevant platforms for cooperation have included the Partnership Action Plan on Defence Institution Building (PAP-DIB) and the Partnership for Peace (PfP) Consortium of Defence Academies.
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Norway became a member of the DCAF Foundation Council in 2002 and in recent years has supported DCAF programming on gender and security governance issues in West Africa and on democratic accountability, parliamentary oversight, justice reform and security sector reform in South East Europe.
Additionally, DCAF has cooperated for a decade with the EOS Utvalget (the Norwegian Parliament’s Intelligence Oversight Committee) on intelligence accountability issues, producing knowledge products on relevant issues and involving EOS representatives in relevant capacity development events.
Norway has also joined DCAF’s Board for ISSAT (International Security Sector Advisory Team) and has utilised the ISSAT for projects in Europe, Asia and Africa.
Since 2015 DCAF and CIDS have increased their cooperation on issues of common thematic and geographical interests, including Building Integrity in Defence, Defence Reform and anti-corruption programming.