NATO BI ADC and seminar 12-13 October 2021

This year we will finally be able to meet in person at the NATO Building Integrity Annual Discipline Conference (ADC) which will take place in Rome 12 October and the seminar in conjunction with the ADC «Ingrity-the Human Factor» 13 October.  The ADC and Seminar will be held in a hybrid format, also giving the possibility to link up virtually.

The registration deadline is 6 October.  If you have not received an invitation and would like to sign up, please contact us at

The tentative agenda for the seminar 13 October is the following:

09:0009:30Arrival, coffee and registration
09:3009:40 Introductory remarks by Mr Per Christensen, Director, Centre for Integrity in the Defence Sector (CIDS)
09:4009:50Key note address, NATO HQ (TBD)
Scene setting: A selection of experts will discuss a variety of issues related to the human factor’s influence on good governance and the challenges posed by lack of integrity, especially for institutional resilience. The ‘human factor’ relates to people's informal norms and mentalities, their inner orientations, and dispositions.

Why is the human factor so important in countering corruption and promoting integrity and good governance? When formal norms underlying specific legal and organizational systems deviate substantially from prevailing informal norms, the resilience of the institutions is challenged. High quality formal laws and institutions are in themselves not sufficient to ensure good governance. In many countries there is a striking discrepancy; the states’ normative basis as expressed by laws and institutions contrasts sharply with government practices. Often, informal norms are inconsistent with the reform efforts. Informal norms, also known as cultural norms, tend to prevail in practice. These informal norms are expressed in many ways, through widespread ‘clientelism’, non-meritocratic recruitment, lack of transparency, excessive formalism, an almost exclusive top-down decision-making, and the issuing and implementation of illegal instructions.

Moderator: Ms Annette Hurum, Specialist Director, Centre for Integrity in the Defence Sector (CIDS), Norway
09:50 12:00Part 1 The Human Factor including Illegal/unethical orders
Dr Hikmet Karcic, Researcher BIH, “Obeying unlawful orders - implications for reform – BiH as a case study” 15 min

Mr Svein Eriksen Centre for Integrity in the Defence Sector (CIDS), Norway “The gap between laws and government practice – a deliberate shortfall?” 15 min
10:2010:50Coffee break
Mr Francisco Cardona, International Consultant, Senior Expert on Public Governance and Management “Developing institutional measures to counter illegality and abuse in defence and security sectors” 15 min

Ms Maka Petriashvili, HRM expert and Deputy Head of the Human Resources Department, MOD Georgia, “Personnel management in MOD – a cultural approach”, 15 min
11:20 12:00Panel debate/Q&A (40 min)
14:1515:25 Part 2 Workshop run by COID
15:2515:55Coffee Break
15:5516:10 Summary of working groups
16:1016:20Concluding remarks by Mr Per Christensen, Director, Centre for Integrity in the Defence Sector (CIDS)