BI Institutional Enhancement Course: HRM

087CIDS’ course on Building Integrity (BI) Institutional Enhancement (HRM) took place in Oslo in the period 22-24 September. The course was organised in collaboration with the Norwegian Defence International Centre (NODEFIC) and provided a broad introduction to the principles and standards of international conventions and other agreements that regulate a modern and efficient HRM system in the public sector, including the Armed Forces.
On the first day, participants were introduced to the field of Building Integrity in a broad context, this included an overview of issues and challenges affecting civil services with particular emphasis on ministries of defence. Day one also included a syndicate session where the participants worked in teams to identify weaknesses within their own systems and come up with proposals on how to address them. On day two, participants were introduced to ongoing efforts in the Norwegian defence sector concerning competency reform and given a lecture on different principles and standards in the civil service. The group was also provided with an overview of the Norwegian MoD’s work to implement Attitudes, Ethics and Leadership (AEL) and presented with a number of general dilemmas frequently observed in public sector organizations. On the last day, participants were exposed to different ways of building a legal environment for public administrations and to different HRM tools and practices. The participants then went on to conduct a mapping exercise for HRM reform needs within their respective organisations and in turn presented this work to the rest of the group.
The training was attended by 22 participants from 12 different countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, Georgia, Macedonia/FYROM, Moldova, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Serbia, and Ukraine). CIDS will organise one more course on BI Institutional Enhancement in 2015 and the next session will take place in Kyiv.