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The seventh Guide to Good Governance on Public Financial Management.

The subject of CIDS’ seventh guide to good governance is Public Financial Management (PFM). Public information about how common resources are spent is vital for a well-functioning democracy.

In the booklet the authors explain the meaning and role of PFM. They analyze key actors involved in the process. As well as do they explain the different phases of PFM.

A special attention is set on budget preparation, execution and oversight in a security and defence environment. The authors explain the uniqueness of classified budgets.

Follow the link to read the booklet in its full version.

Evaluation of the Policy and use of Police Anti-Terror Unit, Saj, in Montenegro.

«Building Integrity in the Montenegrin Defence and Security Sector: Evaluation of the Policy and the use of Police Anti-Terror Unit (Saj) in Montenegro – Harmonized to International Standards, Trends and Obligations. Recommendations for internal use», describes the governance situation in the Montenegrin Police Anti-Terror Unit.

CIDS’ report recommends actions on how to improve integrity and citizen’s trust in the institution’s way of functioning.

The report is part of the Norwegian funded building integrity projects in the Western Balkans, funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Follow the link to read the report: 9108-Montenegro-engelsk-nett

«Openness and Confidentiality» in the Defence Sector – A new Guide to Good Governance

Today CIDS publicize it’s latest booklet «Balancing Openness and Confidentiality in the Defence Sector: Lessons from International Good Practice».

The publication is part of CIDS Guides to Good Governance, the GGG series. Where the publications contributes to fulfill CIDS’ aim of promoting integrity, anti-corruption measures, and good governance within the defence sector.

The sixth GGG was launced for the very first time in May this year. In relation to the seminar: «Transparency in the Norwegian Defence Sector», organized by CIDS in collaboration with the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies.

This GGG is concerned with the concept of confidentiality. How confidentiality is being used as well as misused by Governments. How do the concept of «confidentiality» balance national security concerns? How do Governments choose to contain or release sensitive information about their national activities? What says the judicial system?

Follow the link to learn more about the subject matter: 9062-DSS-GGG-6-eng-4k

NATO BI Discipline Conference 2017

The 2017  Building Integrity Annual Discipline Conference took place in Brussels, NATO Headquarters, on 25th October.

Participants were given an introduction to the latest policy developments within the Building Integrity discipline by NATO International Staff. As well did they receive an update on NATO education and training policy in the field.

What was especially interesting were the updates given by NATO operational side on the subject of Building Integrity in NATO operations and subsequent discussions.

The conference concluded the day, planning a way ahead for the Discipline Alignment Plan and the discipline learning and training program.

The 2018 Annual Discipline Conference on Building Integrity in Rome, Italy.

Nato building integrity logoOn 10th-11th October, 2018, the CIDS will host the Annual Discipline Conference for Building Integrity at the NATO Defense College in Rome.
Day one of the event will be open to education- and training providers, as well as requirement authorities.
Day two is open to an array of experts, discussing how to best create robust defence institutions, resilient to threats from corruption and hybrid warfare.

More information will follow on our homepage. Invitations will be sent out to relevant institutions during the course of June.