About us

Akershus festning Akershus CastleCIDS reports directly to the Director General of the Norwegian MoD’s Department of Management and Financial Governance. In order to engage the entire Norwegian defence sector and draw on the competence and experience of all relevant defence institutions, an Advisory Board for Integrity in the Defence Sector has been established. It meets twice a year in order to discuss the activities and priorities of CIDS.

The tasks of the Advisory Board are:

  • To contribute to the overall priorities for the development of good governance through integrity building and anti-corruption measures
  • To give advice concerning CIDS’ level of ambition
  • To give advice concerning CIDS’ annual work plans
  • To review CIDS’ annual reports
  • To provide a forum for professional discussions in the field of integrity building
  • To give advice concerning major decisions in the field of integrity building

The Advisory Board is chaired by the Director General of the MoD’s Department of Management and Financial Governance. Members of the Advisory Board are representatives from all of the MoD’s departments, the director of the Institute for Defence Studies, the Dean of the Defence University College, and the SSR coordinator of the Defence Staff, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Agency for Public Management and eGovernment, the National Security Authority, the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency, the Defence Logistics Organization, and the National Joint Headquarters.


The Centre

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The Centre for Integrity in the Defence Sector (CIDS) was established in 2012 on the initiative of the Norwegian Ministry of Defence.
The centre seeks to promote and enhance professional integrity and good governance in the defence and security spheres. CIDS’ approach is comprehensive and its dedicated team of experts applies a variety of tools in their efforts to build competence, raise awareness and reduce risks of corruption.
CIDS contributes to several training programmes, seminars and conferences, and implements in-country projects in collaboration with local experts. As part of our effort we also publish handbooks and guidance documents on building integrity and good governance. The centre contributes to a number of international integrity building initiatives and serves as Department Head for NATO’s Building Integrity (BI) programme.

CIDS is located in the center of Oslo, together with the Ministry of Defence.


Visit us at Myntgata 1, Oslo