CIDS and NATO’s International Staff held a two hour seminar on the above 20 May 2021. It was arranged in an Allied format and hosted from Oslo. The seminar’s main aim was to describe the fundamentals of good governance, why they are needed and how integrity creates institutional resilience and enhances institutional effectiveness. As such, some of the issues that were touched upon were:

What are the signs of corruption in the defence and related security sector? Which challenges do politicians face related to reform of the defence and related security sector? Why and how has corruption evolved from a purely domestic problem to an international /a global concern? Which mechanisms need to be implemented to counter corruption and promote integrity, transparency and accountability? How can we protect institutional integrity? What are the main areas that need to be addressed to build integrity and enhance institutional resilience?

The five distinguished panellists who participated were:

  • Dr Dritan Abazović, Deputy Prime Minister, Montenegro
  • Ambassador Øystein Bø, Norwegian Permanent Representative to NATO
  • Mr Svein Eriksen, International Expert, Centre for Integrity in the Defence Sector (CIDS), Norway
  • Mr Francisco Cardona, International Consultant, Senior Expert on Public Governance and Management
  • Ms Natalie Hogg, Director, Transparency International

The seminar was opened and closed by both Mr Per A Christensen, Director of CIDS and Mr Marc Di Paolo, Director, NATO IS. It was moderated by Ms Annette Hurum, Specialist Director, CIDS.

Enclosed please find the panelists’ interventions.


Mr Per A Christensen, Director CIDS, Ms Kjersti C Klæboe, Director General, MoD, and Ms Annette Hurum, Specialist Director, CIDS

CIDS – Building integrity, good governance and anti-corruption