Building Integrity in the Defence and Security Sectors in Countries in the Western Balkan Region

  • Total amount 2015-2020: NOK 36,125 mill.
  • Objective: To strengthen integrity and good governance in defence and interior ministries in several Western Balkan countries.
  • Project owner: Centre for Integrity in the Defence Sector (CIDS) in The Norwegian Ministry of Defence.
  • Countries involved: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia.

Objectives and Contents
The main objective is to contribute to increased integrity and good governance in defence and interior ministries in the region, with a special focus on Human Resource Management (HRM), Public Procurement and overarching integrity frameworks. The project contributes to increased stability and improved pursuance of the rule of law in the participating countries. It also assists them in their cooperation with the EU and NATO. For Allies this is especially important as a contribution to safe-guard NATO’s Area of Responsibility. NATO’s International Staff is increasingly interested in cooperating on joint NATO-CIDS projects.

Achieved Results

  • The development and implementation of a strategy for a Human Resource policy for the Police Force in Montenegro.
  • In cooperation with NATO, the development and implementation of internal rules and regulations regarding all aspects of the procurement chain in the Bosnian MOD.
  • The development of an analysis and evaluation of corruption risks related to positions in the Bosnian MOD. More than 200 measures for risk-reduction are currently being implemented.
  • An evaluation of the organisational structure of the MOI in Kosovo. An analysis of HRM in Kosovo’s Police Force.
  • CIDS has contributed to the development and implementation of a first and second generation of integrity plans as well as a strategy for Human Resource Policy for the MOD and the Armed Forces in Kosovo.
  • In Albania, the project has analysed the Human Resource Management in MOI. CIDS is also assisting the police in improving their recruitment system.

Overview of Cooperation with the Countries in the Western Balkan Region
CIDS cooperates with both the Ministries of Defence (MOD), Ministries of Interior (MOI) and the Police Force, depending on the interest of the host country.

North MacedoniaX

Background Information
Since 2015, The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has funded the project “Building Integrity in the Western Balkans” on two occasions. The CIDS (Centre for Integrity in the Defence Sector) in MOD is responsible for the implementation of the project. In the first period from 2015 to 2018, the project was funded with NOK 18 mill for activities in three countries: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and Montenegro. The same amount was granted by the MFA for the second period from 2018 to 2020. The project portfolio was later expanded to include Albania (2019) and North Macedonia (2020) with a total amount of NOK 18,125 mill.

The celebration of the entering into effect of the second period of the CIDS project, at Budva, Montenegro, May 2019, with participants from all the involved countries and ministries. The “Protocols of Intent” with the different ministries were signed at the same venue.