This year’s Building Integrity Annual Discipline Conference (ADC) will take place on 15 October 2019 at NATO HQ in Brussels, Belgium.

The ADC provides an excellent opportunity for relevant stakeholders involved in the BI discipline to synchronize their work. The primary aim of the conference is to achieve an adequate alignment and coordination of efforts in sustaining the discipline.

Due to the fact that a high level Building Integrity Conference was held in Washington earlier this year, the 2019 BI ADC will be a smaller event compared to last year.  As a consequence it will be limited to one day and more focussed on interaction with the BI Education and Training Facilities.  The participation will therefore be limited to participation from NATO Training facilities or other institutions that contribute with training and education solutions, from NATO or Partner countries. The NATO Requirement Authority will naturally also participate. The ADC is also open to other Department Heads and  interested NATO entities. One delegate should represent each organization only.

Next year we will once again organise a larger conference with broader participation.

The aim of the conference is to update participants on the developments within the discipline since the previous ADC.  The conference will seek to update and validate the training requirements and the existing training solutions. Participants are welcome to propose new training opportunities, which will be further scrutinised by the Department Head and potentially identified as suitable solutions for the existing requirements.

The ADC is an opportunity for the participants to share any E&T-related matters and best practices, to propose new approaches and to outline the way ahead for the discipline.  The results of the ADC will be included in a Discipline Alignment Plan (DAP) that will be drafted by the DH and approved by HQ SACT/JFD.

Participation is expected from: NATO International Staff, NATO Military Authorities, relevant Centres of Excellence, E&T Providers and other entities that support NATO E&T requirements for BI.

Registration to Dr Lidra Zegali, NATO HQ: and Ms Annette Hurum, CIDS: by COB Wednesday 25 September  2019.