Today CIDS publicize it’s latest booklet «Balancing Openness and Confidentiality in the Defence Sector: Lessons from International Good Practice».

The publication is part of CIDS Guides to Good Governance, the GGG series. Where the publications contributes to fulfill CIDS’ aim of promoting integrity, anti-corruption measures, and good governance within the defence sector.

The sixth GGG was launced for the very first time in May this year. In relation to the seminar: «Transparency in the Norwegian Defence Sector», organized by CIDS in collaboration with the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies.

This GGG is concerned with the concept of confidentiality. How confidentiality is being used as well as misused by Governments. How do the concept of «confidentiality» balance national security concerns? How do Governments choose to contain or release sensitive information about their national activities? What says the judicial system?

Follow the link to learn more about the subject matter: 9062-DSS-GGG-6-eng-4k