croatia-visitAs part of our project “Strengthening Human Resources Management in the Ministry of Kosovo Security Forces (MKSF)”, CIDS organised a study visit to the Croatian Ministry of Defence (MoD) on 9-11 November, 2016. The Kosovo delegation consisted of six members of the MKSF Department of Human Resources, led by Colonel Skender Zhitia. CIDS´s regional expert Mr Florian Qehaja was leading the delegation through their two-day visit to Zagreb.
During the visit, the MKSF delegation learned about Croatian experiences in issues of planning and recruitment of human resources. Drawing on their recent integration process with the EU, the Croatians shared their knowledge and expertise on highly relevant issues. There were lively discussions on recruitment of civilians and the equivalence between military officers and civilians. MKSF delegation also shared their experience in managing with human resources especially by focusing on the carrier progression and promotion.
This is a second CIDS study visit as part of Norwegian bilateral assistance to Kosovo. CIDS would like to thank again our colleagues in the Croatian MoD for their kind hospitality and for sharing their expertise on building integrity with us.