Centre for Integrity in the Defence Sector (CIDS) has launched a new issue in its Guide for Good Governance series: Access to information and limits to public transparency. This guide is the fourth in a series of booklets discussing best international standards and practises in areas of public administration that are crucial to good governance. CIDS’ international expert, Francisco Cardona – a Spanish national with broad experience from OECD’s unit Support for Improvement in Governance and Management, SIGMA – is the author of the new guide.
The new guide summarizes international best practices in the area of public access to information. It is a challenge to strike the right balance between public access to information and the state’s legitimate right to protect certain information. This is particularly challenging with regard to defence, where secrecy is to some extent a necessity. However, the other side of the coin is the need to protect legitimate good-faith whistleblowing. Wrongdoings and abuse of money, power or public trust should not be protected by limits to public information.
The GGG series is written for a broad audience both within the public and defence sectors and outside. The booklets may be used as background reading for all who are interested in good governance in the defence sector and in the public sector more generally. The three first issues address Professionalism and integrity in the public service, Tackling conflicts of interest in the public sector, and Anti-corruption policies and agencies.
Download the booklet (PDF document)