As part of the CIDS-project Strengthening the Integrity Framework in the Montenegrin Public Administration with Emphasis on the Security and Defence Areas, a study trip was arranged first week of September to the Ministry of National Defence of Lithuania (MoND). The delegation consisted of five members of the technical working group in charge of implementing the project in Montenegro, Navy Captain Knut Walbaekken from CIDS and project team leader Mr Rajko Radevic.
During the visit the Lithuanian MoND officials shared knowledge, experience and best practices from their perspective in the field of integrity and anti-corruption system in defence. The presentations covered the following topics: human resources management including military and civilian component; arrangements for procurement with particular emphasis on the implementation of confidential procurements; financial management system; inspector general and internal audit. All presentations were followed by lively discussions, questions and exchange of opinions between presenters and the delegation members.
CIDS would like to thank our colleagues in the Lithuanian MoND for their kind hospitality, time and efforts invested in sharing their knowledge with the group. A special thanks to Mr. Emilis Kazlauskas, chief specialist, who arranged and coordinated the event on behalf of the host ministry.