Skjermbilde 2016-06-30 kl. 19.58.3830 June was the launch of the integrity plan for the Ministry of Kosovo Security Forces (MKSF). The integrity plan has been developed as part of the CIDS project Strengthening the integrity framework in the MKSF.
The integrity plan is the principal guiding document of the Ministry of Kosovo Security Forces for reducing corruption risks in the defence sector. It is fully in line with the existing Kosovo legal framework which promotes good governance and meritocratic principles in public administration.
The Minister of KSF, Professor Dr Haki Demolli opened the event, followed by the Norwegian Ambassador to Kosovo, Jan Braathu. In his speech, Mr. Braathu emphasised the close relationship between the Norwegian Ministry of Defence, CIDS, and the Ministry of Kosovo Security Forces. He praised the MKSF for its effort to build transparent and accountable defence institutions, and reminded us that integrity is indispensable to any country committed to the principles of democracy, human rights and the rule of law.
“The MKSF and KSF are in the fortunate position of receiving a high degree of public trust. Among Kosovo institutions, your Ministry and the KSF rank high in public confidence. However, that trust cannot be taken for granted. Trust is a valuable and transient commodity. We must earn it every day through our attitude and performance”, Mr. Braathu stated. He also congratulated MKSF for developing a practical and specific integrity plan.
The integrity plan is expected to serve the overall institutional efforts in corruption risk reduction and strengthening good governance of the security sector. It recognises integrity as an indispensable norm of democratisation of the security sector. As such, it will serve as a first policy document that will be implemented through a set of pre-defined proposals for integrity building. The document will increase the capacities of the relevant departments of MKSF in all levels: tactical, operational and, particularly, strategic. The matrix of implementation envisaged concrete activities to be implemented in the period from 2016 until 2018.
3.- Konferenca - Lansimi i Planit të Integritetit të MFSK- 30.06.2016 IMG_3024