On 16 – 18 March, CIDS organised a workshop in the framework of our Building Integrity project in the Montenegrin Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Interior. The three-day event took place in Budva, gathering relevant top and mid management personnel from the two ministries. The aim of the workshop was to discuss and agree on concrete proposals for creation of a better public integrity framework in the security and defence sector.
Workshop Montenegro
 On the first day, the participants discussed the document Concept of the Rulebook on Budget Planning and Execution in the Ministry of Defence. The document, which was developed by CIDS´ regional expert Ms. Jelena Suput, is the starting point for the planned rulebook aiming to further promote transparency and good governance in the Ministry of Defence (MoD).
 On the second day the participants were introduced to the Analysis of the Corruption Risks in the Defence Sector, which was prepared by the project experts in close cooperation with MoD staff. Additionally, the workshop offered the possibility to present and discuss the preliminary results of the Analysis in the Area of Corruption Risk Management and Monitoring Mechanisms in the Defence Sector. Both presentations were followed by lively discussions between the CIDS project management and MoD staff – resulting in an agreement on the follow up activities.
The third day was devoted to the participants from the Ministry of Interior, and the topics discussed included analysis of the corruption risks in the security sector, preliminary results of the analysis of the Unit for Internal Control of the Police, presentation and discussion on standards and level of women’s representation in the police, police integrity and the manner of treating women and children in criminal cases, and a focus on international standards and good practices. CIDS would like to thank all the participants, as well as our local, regional and international experts for their high quality contribution throughout the week. A special thanks to our local team leader Rajko Radevic who not only organised the event, but also took part in preparing and drafting the documents.