skjermbilde ti uk webTransparency International UK`s Defence and Security Programme has released the new Government Defence Anti-Corruption Index for 2015. The Index measures the risk of corruption in national defence and security establishments worldwide. According to the Index, the Norwegian defence sector is considered to have low risk of corruption. The UK was the only NATO-country to score top marks, indicating strong anti-corruption systems in defence institutions, underpinned by effective independent oversight mechanisms.
Norway is ranked in band B, which is similar to the results from the 2013 Government Anti-Corruption Index. According to this year’s results, Norway has potential for improvements regarding sales of defence equipment, in preventing corruption in operations, requirements to defence suppliers to actively prevent corruption, and transparency with regard to offset agreements.
– The Government Defence Index represents a valuable contribution to national efforts to reduce the risk of corruption in our defence sector, says CIDS director Per Christensen. – The index gives us solid basis for advising the Ministry of Defence on actions to be taken to further lower the risk of corruption.