On 20 October, CIDS’ project team for Ukraine travelled to Kyiv for talks with Mr. Ihor Dolgov, Deputy Defence Minister for European Integration. Director Bård B. Knudsen, Project Manager Svein Eriksen, Associate Expert Francisco Cardona, Colonel Britt Brestrup and Project Coordinator Nadya Vershygora presented the results of the first phase of the project initiated to reduce corruption risks in the Human Resources Management (HRM) system in the Ministry of Defence (MoD) of Ukraine. The overarching aim is to provide the MoD with support in the adaptation of its HRM system to EU standards, which in turn will increase resistance to the influence of corruption. In addition to the needs analysis identifying tasks to be implemented, phase I has also included the development of a follow-up project proposal. The meeting on 20 October provided an opportunity to  discuss this proposal and exchange views regarding the way ahead to ensure successful implementation. Phase II has a three-year time frame (2016-2018) and will seek to eliminate identified problems. Mr. Dolgov praised the work that has been completed so far and confirmed his support for the Action Plan for 2016.
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