The Building Integrity initiative in the Ministry of Kosovo Security Forces (MKSF) has received a significant boost through the launching of two three-year long projects – one in the area of human resources management (HRM) and the other related to further improving the integrity framework of the MKSF. Both projects will be managed by CIDS in cooperation with the MKSF.
The event, chaired by Mr. Shkelzen Syla (Secreteray General of the MKSF), took place in Prishtina on April 21. Among the participants were Mr. Fadil Gashi, Deputy Minister of Kosovo Security Forces and Mr. Jan Braathu, the Norwegian Ambassador to Kosovo.
The HRM project centers on building a platfrom for the development of strategic HRM in the MKSF, on one side, and on capacity development activities for the middle and upper managers, on the other. The Building Integrity project places an emphasis on competency building in the field of integrity as well as on developing mechanisms for the management and monitoring of corruption risks.
The project goals and activities were presented by Mr. Svein Eriksen (CIDS’ Senior Advisor) and Mr. Florian Qehaja, the local team leader.
Kick off in Kosovo
Picture from left to right: Mr Damir Ahmetovic, regional HRM expert, CIDS,  Mr. Svein Eriksen, senior adviser CIDS, Mr. Jan Braathu, the Norwegan ambassador to Kosovo, Mr Shkelzen Syla, General Secretary of the Ministry of Kosovo Security Force, and Mr Florian Qehaja, local team leaders, CIDS