The NATO Summit in Cardiff in September 2014 will mark that NATO is in the process of putting Afghanistan behind – not completely but as a military theatre of operations and as its main focus. In this situation it is crucial to bring the Alliance “closer to home”, and to emphasize that NATO has more fundamental tasks to fulfil than to combat extremism and terrorism in countries far away.
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Military Committee Meetings - MCCSNorway, as well as a number of other Allies, is particularly concerned about NATO retaining its relevance and credibility in a concrete and convincing way. That requires both military capability and political solidarity. A good way to emphasize relevance and political solidarity is to underpin NATO’s position as a community of values – the Alliance as a solidary community of states that first and foremost promotes certain standards and values without needing a particular counterpart to oppose. This summarizes the kind of positive message that the Summit in Cardiff ought to highlight. The credibility of such a message, however, depends on concrete political initiatives that go beyond self-congratulation and the usual rhetoric of summitry.