Direktør IFS, Sven Holtsmark med oppsummering

IFS Director Sven Holtsmark with a summary.

The CIDS report on NATO and the fight against corruption in Afghanistan called «Too little, too late» launched at joint IFS/CIDS seminar 15th March 2017.

The author, LtCol Tore Ketil Stårvik, gave a brief presentation of the major findings stressing the challenging context of Afghanistan and the military mission itself.

A panel debate lead by Per A Christensen, the director of CIDS, followed. In addition to the author, the panel consisted of former Norwegian Minister of trade, Foreign Affairs and Defence, Mr. Bjørn Tore Godal, Dr. Karolina MacLachlan from Transparency International Defence and Security Programme, and Marit Elisabeth Brandtzæg from the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD).

There was consensus among the panel that the findings in the report reflected the challenges in Afghanistan and for military engagement in fragile environments, and the findings were recognized as being highly relevant for other sectors as well. The report should be used as a lessons learned on what areas to focus on when engaging in stabilisation and peace support missions in the future, in order to mitigate the risks for conducting the same mistakes again.
Director of the Norwegian Institute of Defence Studies (IFS), Sven Holtsmark, concluded the seminar by emphasising that there seems to be an element of “mission impossible” over engaging militarily in a complex and fragile state hoping for institution building, mission success and quick wins at the same time. By conducting research and learn from previous missions, as the report is an excellent example of, we will hopefully be able to face future challenges better.

Download the report “Too little, too late” here (PDF)

Fra venstre: Per A Christensen, Tore Ketil Stårvik, Bjørn Tore Godal, Karolina Machlachlan og Marit Elisabeth Brandtzæg

From left: Per A Christensen, Tore Ketil Stårvik, Bjørn Tore Godal, Karolina Machlachlan and Marit Elisabeth Brandtzæg.

Forfatteren Tore Ketil Stårvik oppsummerer rapporten.

Author Tore Ketil Stårvik summarises the report.