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Review of CIDS Building Integrity Project in the Western Balkans.

The consultancy group “Governance Group” has, on behalf of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, delivered it’s review of CIDS Building Integrity Project in the Western Balkans. The project covers Building Integrity activities in Bosnia and Hercegovina, Kosovo and Montenegro in the period of 2015 through 2017. The report concludes that: “Perhaps the greatest accomplishment of the project thus far is that it has significantly increased the understanding of the concept of integrity among the beneficiary.”

CIDS Director, Per Christensen, says: “I am most happy with the report and would like to thank all of our local and international experts for their commitment and efforts. Thank you also to the ministries in the different countries involved. Without their commitment the project wouldn’t have been such a great success. I hope that the project will lead to better governance in the ministries involved, i.e. strengthen democratic development. We received sound advice through this report, advice that will be included in a possible follow-up project, states Mr. Christensen.

See the report in it’s full version: Final Report Integrity MFA

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CIDS Report on right for information access

The report is particularly useful for understanding the different aspects of the issue of access to information and transparency for the public eye on security sector matters since it identifies the standards existing, the various ways of practising the standards, the way authorities may use the harm and public interest tests for handling own practice, as well discussing the globally recognized Tshwane Principles. Montenegro is used as a case, but the main topic on information access and balanced transparency is relevant for most other cases, and especially so in a representative democracy context.

Download CIDS report No. 1/2017